Old Navy Credit Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the Old Navy Credit Card Login:

1. Enter the Old Navy Credit Card login page URL into your browser: https://www3.onlinecreditcenter6.com/consumergen2/login.do?subActionId=1000&clientId=oldnavy&accountType=plcc
2. Enter your User ID in the User ID text field on the login page.
Confused about where to enter your password? For your account protection the Old Navy Credit Card login page only asks for your User ID, they then show you a customized image you've pre-picked before so you can verify your identify. This prevents any phishing websites from imitating the real login page and stealing your login credentials.
3. Click Login to proceed to the next page where you will need to enter your password and identify the custom image you chose before.
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to finalize the login.


Having trouble logging in? Step by step guide to reset your login credentials:

1. Click the Lookup User ID link below the User ID text box.
2. Enter your account number in the account number text box.
3. Enter the last 4 digits of your social security number on the next textbox.
4. Click the Continue button to proceed.
5. Continue with the on screen instructions to complete the credential reset process.

Still having trouble? No problem, just contact Old Navy directly to get help with your Old Navy Credit Card login process:

Old Navy Card - 877-222-6868 
Old Navy Visa© Card - 866-450-5294

Non Card related Old Navy questions?
Call toll-free
800.653.6289 - (from inside the U.S.)
614-744-3908 - (from outside the U.S.)
800.449.4253 - (TDD hearing impaired)
Write a letter
Old Navy Online
200 Old Navy Lane
Grove City, OH 43123-8605

about an Old Navy store, write to 
Old Navy Customer Relations 
200 Old Navy Lane 
Grove City, OH 43123-8605
We try to provide the most up to date information regarding the Old Navy Credit Card login process, please bookmark this page and check back later to find out if any of the process has changed, if there are any bugs or system issues, or any other important issues you may need to know about related to the login.